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I’m not one to shy away from sharing good encouraging news about the MCU, and this bit is far from official word, but nonetheless certainly a good sign for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

See below an Instagram post supporting #BlackLivesMatter by Anthony Mackie’s personal makeup artist on FaTWS Latoya Henderson (filmartist_toya).

“We’re getting a Black Captain America this year.” This is, I stress, not official word the show will definitely still stream in 2020. They still have significant work to complete, however one assumes Latoya might know a thing or two on the subject, and spoken to the man himself about it maybe, so this is definitely an encouraging sign that we will see Sam and Bucky in the series this year!

Our most recent rumblings from sources both public and anonymous point to The Falcon and Winter Soldier resuming filming in Atlanta in late July and currently negotiating to return to Prague, probably in August. Charles Murphy recently indicated on his Twitter that should the series complete filming by the end of September, they should still make a 2020 streaming on Disney plus. Fingers crossed this is the case.

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