HBO Max’ ‘Raised By Wolves’ Trailer Teases Humans vs. Androids

Ridley Scott really loves exploring outer space and our relationship with androids. The famous director behind The Martian and Alien joined up with Prisoners‘ Aaron Guzikowski for a brand new science-fiction story.  The original HBO Max series Raised by Wolves tells the story of two androids named Father and Mother. they were tasked to raise human children on a foreign planet after earth was destroyed. They are then hunted down by a colony of humans that want to take the children back. IGN got an exclusive first look at the series and shared the trailer online to show just how violent it will get.

Some might have recognized Vikings’ Travis Fimmel as the human leader. Not much is known about the series yet but the trailer does seem quite promising. Seems like there is more to Mother than meets the eye. Her violent tendencies seem to grow as the trailer goes by. Especially the hallway scene seemed rather reminiscent of the anime Elfen Lied. Funny enough, Fan4stic tried to do something similar with Doom after he takes down guards.

There are a lot of interesting visuals throughout the trailer for Raised by Wolves. At first it seemed like they gave birth to the humans, so I was surprised when they revealed that they were androids. A major part of this story will explore the impacts of religion which is rushed through a bit. Quite curious how they will try to explore this aspect. This isn’t the first time a robot raising a human was the focus of a TV series or film. Just last year the film I AM MOTHER on Netflix explored a similar relationship. It’s a curious concept that I am glad is getting more attention. I cannot wait to check it out when it releases September 3rd.

 Source: Twitter

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