Head Writer Says Moon Knight’s Jewish Faith Is “Explored in Later Episodes”

With Moon Knight arriving in a matter of hours, the Disney+ series’ head writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater has been answering some fan’s questions on Twitter ahead of the release. With plenty of conversation focused on the Jewish heritage of Moon Knight’s protagonist Marc Spector, Slater told fans that the MCU series does explore its significance:

Preserving the character’s Jewish faith was important to our entire writing team. It’s something that definitely gets explored in later episodes.

Jeremy Slater

In Moon Knight comics, Marc Spector is the son of a rabbi who later becomes the human “fist” of Egyptian moon god Khonshu. While the character’s heritage and connection to Judaism is absent from much of the comic book history, it nonetheless plays a significant role in the character’s identity and story at times. Some fans have been concerned that Moon Knight would not honor that history. Slater seems to put those concerns to rest, although he suggests it might take a few episodes (definitely more than 4) before the character’s Jewish faith is explored.

The first episode of Moon Knight premieres on March 30 on Disney+.

Source: Twitter

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