‘Moon Knight’ Writer Says 6 Episodes of the Series “Felt Right” for the Story

Marvel Studios’ next big project, Moon Knight, is only one day away on Disney+. Unfortunately, fans will be treated to just a single episode when the series hits their small screens. The premiere will be the first of six episodes, set to drop weekly on the streaming service, in the same vein as previous Marvel shows like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. With so many of the studio’s productions clocking in at around six hours, it seems some viewers are beginning to believe it’s the Marvel standard. However, quasi-showrunner Jeremy Slater has taken to social media to confirm this is not the case. When asked by a follower whether or not the writing team was required to hit six episodes, Slater responded by saying that was simply the organic outcome of the creative process.

Slater went on to explain that each episode was written as a stand-alone piece, instead of crafting a singular story and splitting it into six parts. Many big-budget comic book adaptations have lately been described as “six hour movies” by fans, with the assumption they were designed as such and distributed in separate pieces. Zack Snyder’s Justice League was quite literally a four hour film, treated as a four-episode limited series by home service HBO Max. Luckily, it seems Moon Knight won’t have to worry about it’s release schedule not fitting with it’s creative process, and early social media reactions have indicated this strategy paid off. Marvel contributors have a history of praising the company’s collaborative nature, so hopefully this continues to be the case.

Source: Twitter

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