‘Heroes’ Star Cast As ‘Doom Patrol’ Villain

The fourth season of ‘Doom Patrol’ will introduce ‘Heroes’ actor Sendhil Ramamurthy as an obscure villain.

It would appear Doom Patrol has found another baddie for its upcoming fourth season. According to a recent report from TVLine, former Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy has been cast in a recurring role as the villain ‘Mr. 104.’ The character, who will appear throughout Season 4, is being described as a “charming and mysterious man of many elements.” This will be the second time Ramamurthy portrays a DC Comics antagonist, following a stint as Ramsey Rosso, a.k.a. Bloodwork, on the sixth season of The CW’s The Flash. The actor won’t be pulling double duty, however, as that character was written off the show by the end of the season.

Mr. 104, while relatively obscure, does have some basis in the comics. Initially known as Mr. 103, the villain is a genius biochemist named Jonathan Dubrovny, who possesses the ability to transform his body – or parts of it – into any element he would like. He uses this power to commit crimes and eventually becomes a foe of the titular superhero team. This power set certainly matches the “man of many elements” portion of his television bio, and will likely not be a problem for the typically-quirky Doom Patrol to adapt.

Ramamurthy joins a cast that includes Brendan FraserDiane GuerreroJoivan WadeMatt Bomer, and April Bowlby. He won’t be the only new addition this season, as Twin Peaks veteran Madeline Zima takes on the role of comic character Space Case. Doom Patrol Season 4 will begin airing on HBO Max on December 8th.

Source: TV Line.

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