Deadpool Wants to Join Marvel’s ‘Midnight Suns’

With the release of Marvel’s ‘Midnight Suns’ quickly approaching, Deadpool is urging fans to call for his inclusion in the game.

Marvel’s next big video game is just around the corner, and everybody wants to be a part of it. Midnight Suns, the upcoming tactical role-playing game based on the comic book group of the same name, is releasing on most platforms on December 2nd and will feature a wide variety of playable characters for gamers to toy with when it does. The list of names included in the project ranges from classic supernatural members of the titular team, like Ghost Rider and Blade, to more popular Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine. One famous character not currently involved, however, is Deadpool, and apparently, he would like to change that.

In a new video released by the official Midnight Suns Twitter account, temporarily being called #DeadpoolSuns, the Merc With a Mouth addresses fans and asks them to voice their desire for his inclusion in the game. While he has yet to be formally announced as playable, the cinematic footage being released by the project’s own account is a pretty good indicator the studio plans on introducing him to the roster sooner than later.

Midnight Suns will follow Marvel’s heroes as they combat Lilith, the Mother of Demons, after she’s awoken from eternal slumber by the evil forces of Hydra. If Deadpool does ever make an appearance in the game, it sounds like he might be portrayed by Nolan North, who previously voiced the character in his own solo adventure and multiple other animated projects. He would be one of many actors returning to their iconic role, with Yuri Lowenthal also reprising his role from Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Lyrica Okano getting a second chance at Nico Minoru after playing the character in Marvel Television’s Runaways.

Source: Twitter

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