How ‘ETERNALS’ Hints at Thanos’ Revamped Origin for the MCU

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Finally, the new trailer for Eternals has arrived. It offers a closer look at the unique take on a Marvel Cinematic Universe story. After remaining hidden for centuries, they return to face an event known as the Emergence. Yet, we also get the confirmation that they are only allowed to interact with humanity to protect them from the evil Deviants. It’s the franchise’s way of explaining how they weren’t there to take on Thanos and other world-ending catalysts. The trailer gave us our first look at these twisted creatures that are a far cry from the humanoid figures we’ve grown up with within the comics. Yet, these small details may have confirmed that the Mad Titan has a very different origin from the comics.

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Thanos was the son of Eternals A’lars and Sui-San alongside Eros on the moon of Titan. We briefly visited his destroyed home, but it’s still uncertain if the race has a connection to this planet. Thanos’ purple skin turned out to be the result of him carrying Deviants gene. His mother Sui-San feared what he became and tried to kill him. Yet, she got stopped even though she warned them what he might become when he aged. In his early years, he was a pacifist until he fell in love with Death.

So, if he is, in fact, part of the Deviants, wouldn’t that constitute that the Eternals would have to stop him? Yet the designs, even that of the only humanoid Deviant, are far removed from what we know from the race. So, it almost seems safe to say that they won’t explore his direct connection to the Eternals and the Deviants. There are also no signs of others from this race outside of the core group teased in the trailer.

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So, who knows if the Eternals even exist beyond these members, which means Thanos’ parents and family might simply be from the planet Titan. When talking about his past, he implied they lived for quite some time on the planet before it met its untimely end. He could still have a genetic defect that makes him stand out from his race but has no direct connection to the Deviants.

The big question is also why the Eternals can only act when Deviants are involved. It almost seems like the Celestials, who gave them this order, are just trying to hide the genetic mistake they’ve unleashed upon the world. The films didn’t focus much on his past, which we thought might get explored in the Eternals film. Yet, this approach lets them tell a unique take on these characters and the Celestials’ influence over them without treading old ground. In reality, there’s no necessity to connect this race with Thanos.

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As much as the Marvel universe intertwines, we’ve seen them take unique approaches to bring the comics to life. The unique take also opens up the question of how they might approach his brother Eros, also known as Starfox if he makes an appearance at some point in the MCU. We also have rumors that we’ll get introduced to other alien races that are known as “Gods” to humans. Perhaps, their introduction is the set-up to further exploring the concept first introduced with Thor’s arrival on Earth. Either way, it’ll be interesting if the trailers are hiding some details that might connect them after all. 

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