How Joel McHale’s Starman Can Fit into ‘Stargirl’ Season 3

We explore how Stargirl can make use of Joel McHale’s Starman as he’s bumped up to a series regular for Stargirl Season 3.

Before the sophomore season even premiered, Stargirl was picked up for a third season at the CW Network, following its move from DC Universe. The Series quickly added stars one of which was the one and only Joel Mchale. Many were ecstatic to see the Community star suiting up as a Sylvester Pemberton, aka Starman. However, there was one downside to Mchale’s role in Stargirl. His character dies, almost immediately. 

Starman’s presence in season 1 of Stargirl serves as more of a goal to strive towards for Courtney as she learns to wield the Cosmic Staff and live up to the heroism the Justice Society of America strived towards. At the tail end of the first season, however, we learned that Sylvester Pemberton is, in fact, not dead and has been off doing who knows what and is looking for Pat Dugan. 

While we don’t know Starman’s motives and just how he survived just yet, we have to question how he can fit into a dynamic that’s become based on honoring the past and not looking back. Pemberton could serve as a sort of mentor to Courtney and the other members of the JSA, teaching them how to become better heroes, something Pat in which doesn’t have much experience. We could also see the origins of the Cosmic staff explored on-screen. It would allow viewers to learn how the staff was created, and how Courtney became its newest wielder.

After all, it’s still unknown just how the Cosmic Staff came to be, as the series has cemented Sylvester Pemberton as the first and only Starman. It has so far neglected Ted Knight’s story as the creator of the staff and the actual first Starman. If the show would like to move in the direction of Starman jumping into action once again, we could see him develop and wield the gravity rod, the precursor to the cosmic staff and would allow a similar powerset.

Joel Mchale’s return to the series as a series regular is definitely a big win, and will surely attract a community of new fans to the series. Season 2 of Stargirl is currently airing on the CW with hopefully some light shed on Starman’s fate coming soon. 

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