‘I Am Groot’ Storyboards Offer First Look at Disney+ Series

i am groot

2022 is going to be another big year for Marvel Studios, as they continue to expand into Disney+ and cinemas. Yet, alongside the live-action projects, we’ll also get another new animated intro in the form of I Am Groot. It’ll continue the storyline set up during Guardians of the Galaxy, where Groot sacrificed his life to save the others. He ends up regrowing in a smaller form, who would become a fan-favorite in the sequel. Now, we’ll revisit that time and explore his adventures during that time.

It looks like storyboard artist Mark Hurtado has released storyboards for the upcoming series on their Art Station channel. What is interesting is that while this series was highlighted as an animated project, it seemingly includes Drax in some capacity. That opens up the question of whether it may turn out to be a live-action series after all, or they’ll digitally recreate Drax for the Disney+ entry.

Drax’s inclusion also opens up the possibility that we’ll see other members of the Guardians appear throughout the series. It would make sense to see the return of Rocket, who’s highlighted as Groot’s main caregiver in Vol. 2. We don’t know how far the project is along, but it was teased for a 2022 release. So, perhaps it might join The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Source: Art Station

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