Iman Vellani Spotted in Atlanta for Rumored ‘Ms.Marvel’ Reshoots

ms marvel reshoots

Kamala Khan is set to make her live-action debut this year in Ms.Marvel, one of the next series set to hit Disney+. While we don’t have an exact release date for the series just yet, we know it’s set to premiere sometime this summer on the streamer. So far, it’s the only 2022 Disney+ released by Marvel Studios that have any release window. Recent rumors surrounding the series say it is set to undergo quite a bit of reshoots before its debut.

For now, it was mostly just a rumor making the rounds, but it seems the cast might be arriving, as star Iman Vellani has been spotted arriving in Atlanta. Instagram user epik_Ink2020, who confirmed multiple celebrity arrivals in Atlanta via his instagram account in the past, shared a new image with the actress confirming she’s in Georgia.

Atlanta Filming has also made a statement on her arrival after having teased the potential reshoots:

Her arrival does add some fuel to the rumors and it seems likely that they’ll start production on the series’ reshoots. A few months back, leaked promotional material revealed that Ms. Marvel no longer had her embiggening abilites and instead had been replaced with crystallized Green Lantern-like energy constructs. It is rumored she harnesses the power through the bangle she is seen wearing in the same image. This change has been quite controversial amongst fans as her Embiggening abilites played quite a pivotal role in her journey as a young pakistani girl growing up in the United States.

Ms.Marvel is still set to release this summer as of right now, but the extent of these reshoots could possibly affect the series release. It’s unknown just what the reshoots will change, or if these decisions were made prior to Vellani‘s filming on The Marvels, it’s unlikely her power set with be changed.

SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram, The Direct

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