Jake Gyllenhaal Joins Disney Animation’s ‘Strange World’

jake gyllenhaal disney

After being teased as a tribute to the classic pulp storylines, the first trailer has finally arrived for the new film, STrange World. It showcases a colorful world filled to the brim with creatures and fauna from out of this world, as a family embarks on a journey they will surely not forget. This time around, it may be their most crucial mission yet, and it looks like the first cast member has been revealed.

Jake Gyllenhaal has joined the Disney movie as Searcher Clade, who is the son of the legendary explorers. There are no details on just what we can expect from his character and who else may join but it looks like we can expect another star-studded cast for the next Disney entry. The film is helmed by Don Hall, famous for his work on Big Hero 6 and Raya and the Last Dragon alongside Qui Nguyen, another Raya veteran.

The first trailer promises the exact vibe you hope to see from a film that pays tribute to that very era, especially with the creative designs they are showcasing. As it’s the first teaser trailer, it’s not giving away any true details but it does seem like this Thanksgiving is going to be a promising new Disney entry, as well as a fantastical story for the whole family.

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