Jeffrey Wright Confirms Talks to Return as Commissioner Gordon in ‘The Batman’s GCPD Spinoff

the batman spinoff

Before we even got our first look at The Batman, the studio showed immeasurable faith in Matt Reeves‘ project and already signed off on a GCPD focused spin-off. What the series might entail is still under wraps, as many thought the series could be adapting Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka’s Gotham Central storyline. The story is reportedly set in Bruce Wayne’s first year as the Caped Crusader. It seems like things could finally be kicking into action with Commissioner Gordon himself, Jeffrey Wright, teasing his involvement.

The press tour for The Batman has begun with only a week to go until it finally hits theaters. Naturally, the cast is making the rounds promoting the film and their roles in it. In an interview with RadioTimes, Wright dished that there may already be talk in progress for him to mustache up once again for an appearance in the GCPD spin-off.

“Well, yeah, there’s been a little talk about that”

Jeffrey Wright

Wright followed up that comment showing his eagerness to explore this new Gotham City, and thinks it could be really exciting.

“I do think that the film is going to leave fans longing for more. So if there’s an opportunity to explore more of this specific Gotham in a granular way through a show like that, it’d be very exciting.”

Jeffrey Wright

Hopefully, following the release of the film, we will get more details on the series and make things a bit more clear. This is one of two spin-offs already in development at HBO Max, with a Penguin series featuring Colin Farrel returning to the role. We’ve ironically heard more bout this project than the GCPD-focused one over the years even though it’s been in production quite a bit longer. Matt Reeves seems to be building something quite special here.

Source: RadioTimes

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