Job Listings Hinting at an Open World ‘BioShock’ Sequel in Development

bioshock open world

It looks like some job listings at the developer studio Cloud Chamber may have given us our first glimpse at the next entry of the BioShock franchise. At the tail-end of 2019, 2K Games founded the studio to tackle the first-person gaming franchise. Kelley Gilmore took over the studio and is spearheading the next project. Bloody Disgusting noticed something rather interesting in their latest job listings that may offer a glimpse at the next entry’s direction.

They are currently looking for a Senior Writer, who is required to ha e a talent for weaving stories in “an open world setting.” The job details also include the fact that they will be required to brainstorm primary and secondary mission content. Now, the position of Senior World Designer also points to a game concept, where players are encouraged to explore the world rather than the franchise’s usual straightforward storytelling. Cloud Chamber is also actively looking for someone to create an urban crowd.

This information would also hint at the game moving closer to 2013’s BioShock Infinite, which had a living world throughout specific sections. It is uncertain if we might even be returning to the underwater city of Rapture or the city above the clouds, Columbia. It is likely that the story will be a self-contained story that pays tribute to those that came before. Still, the concept of an open-world BioShock game sounds intriguing.

Source: Games Industry, Cloud Chamber via Bloody Disgusting

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