John Cena-Led ‘Freelance’ Adds Alice Eve and Marton Csokas

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It’s only been a little under a week that we learned that John Cena, fresh off of his hit new series Peacemaker, was going to team up with Alison Brie in a new comedy titled Freelancers. Pierre Morel, who is known for his work on Taken, will take over directing duties, and the project seems to be moving full force, as they have also added Star Trek Into DarknessAlice Eve and The Last Duel‘s Marton Csokas.

The movie follows Cena‘s character, who is part of the special forces but ends up retiring. As it usually is, he finds his retired life boring and takes up the role of security for a journalist, played by Brie, on her trip to interview a dictator. As it’s an action-comedy, you might guess things don’t go quite as planned, and they must learn to live with each other while everything around them goes to hell.

The film has already started production in Colombia, but it is uncertain what roles Eve and Csokas may have in the project. Eve’s has recently worked on projects like Downton Abbey, Black Mirror and is set to appear in Amazon’s The Power. Csokas has a list of films on his belt with The Equalizer, xXx, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and more.

Source: Deadline

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