‘One Piece’s Taz Skylar Talks Preparing for the Role of Sanji

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It’s been some time since we found out who the cast was for Netflix’s live-action adaptation of One Piece. A lot of young talent is getting the chance to bring one of the world’s most popular manga to life. With Eiichiro Oda supervising the project and praising the cast of the series, it added some excitement to what they might bring to the table. Among them is Taz Skylar who was cast as the Straw Hats’ chef. He recently was interviewed by Nuit Magazine and revealed he’s been actively preparing for the role months before the announcement.

I was in Hamlet at The Young Vic whilst also doing two to three hours of Tae-Kwon-Do training a day + chef training after the show in the evenings and it was a lot to handle whilst also trying to keep my centre of gravity as a human… But now, I’ve reached a point where I’m just kinda like… “You’re just gonna do your fucking best bro” and whatever happens fucking happens. If I walk on to set thinking “how are people wanting me to play this” I’m bound to fail… If walk on to set thinking, “this role is mine now and I’m going to rip it to shreds and pour my heart and soul into it” I’m always going to be proud of it

Taz Skylar

As we saw with the recent set videos, they are all in with this project. The fact he was not only training Tae-Kwon-Do but also taking cooking lessons shows how dedicated they are to staying true to the characters. Instead of just finding a stand-in for those scenes, it seems he’ll do most of the cooking personally throughout the series. He also highlights how he relates to Sanji in how trauma shapes a person.

Sanji’s a person who had to fend for himself from a young age and did so by becoming a master of his trade. Weirdly I’ve lived a similar life… I left home when I was fifteen and became an apprentice to surfboard builders. All of which resemble Sanji’s mentor Zeff in some way or another. And I learned to fend for myself through trial and error. This was all before I started acting and writing. His trauma and his reasons for leaving are the thing that drives his behaviour in adulthood… I have my own things I was running away from and which drive my own behaviour now… But we won’t go into those, that’s a whole other story. 

Taz Skylar

It certainly sounds promising how much he reflects on the role. He does mention Zeff, who has yet to be cast officially. It’s uncertain if their adaptation of the East Blue Saga might also reference some revelations we uncover at a later time. Still, it certainly seems like he is excited for the role and with the training, we cannot wait to see him show off his kicking skills once the series eventually releases.

Source: Nuit Magazine

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