First Look at ‘Batwoman’s Killer Croc

batwoman killer croc

Batwoman’s third season will soon make its return to the CW and she won’t be alone. We learned in August that Bridget Regan would take on the role of Poison Ivy. Luckily, it seems she won’t be the only classic member of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, as Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the series adaptation of Killer Croc. He’ll make his debut in the episode “Loose Tooth” set to premiere this Wednesday. Yet, it’s not the one you would think it is.

Ryan Wilder will not face off against Waylon Jones, but an innocent teenager named Stephen transformed into the iconic villain due to an infected tooth he found. The character description also highlights that Stephen’s time as the Croc may change his future.

As the bodies pile up, Batwoman will be forced to decide if there’s enough of Steven left in this new Croc to reason with, or if he’s already too far gone.


Killer Croc is one of the more physical villains in the Batman universe. Ryan Wilder and the Bat-family will most certainly have their hands full dealing with the reptile, as they wrestle how to save the innocent kid. The new Batwoman Javicia Leslie shared her excitement for facing off against the famous rogue member.

They hired an actor who was huge in real life. He’s like a really big guy, so we didn’t have to fake anything with special effects. So, the stunts were fun and he was creepy. Special effects did such a good job with his makeup and mask. So, he was really scary-looking. It felt like one of those nostalgic episodes that is like Batman meets Stranger Things.

Javicia Leslie

His design is quite a curious take on the character. While the mask teases a wide gaping mouth, the first image reveals that the teeth on his cheeks don’t move. The CW works with quite a limited budget and they still focus on getting out superhero story after superhero story. The upcoming episode will give us a clearer picture of Stephen’s future as Killer Croc is a one-and-done, or the infection leaves deep scars.

Source: EW

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