New ‘Hawkeye’ Trailer Confirms Linda Cardellini’s Return

hawkeye linda cardellini

Ever since the first trailer for Hawkeye dropped, fans noticed that someone important in Clint Barton’s family was missing. As he commits to keeping his new protégé Kate Bishop out of trouble, he ends up facing the challenge of getting home before Christmas. We see his kids but Linda Cardellini‘s Laura Barton was noticeably absent. Of course, it led to a lot of speculation that she may not get featured in the series, but Disney+ had other plans and the latest trailer finally confirmed her appearance.


The new trailer doesn’t reveal too much new, but it’s great to get a confirmation on her return. She likely won’t have a large role in the series, but might likely appear in the beginning and end. It’ll be interesting to explore their relationship as Jeremy Renner‘s Barton faces this new challenge. The earliest concept art teased Kate on the Barton farm some time ago, but it’s uncertain if the new direction of this Die Hard-inspired Disney+ series.

The upcoming series will explore Marvel Cinematic Universe’s street-level heroes. It seems like the most down-to-earth take on a story, especially with poor Clint getting beat up quite a bit in the trailer. It’ll join other Marvel Studios dramas with six episodes planned. The premiere will consist of two episodes, which is perfect for it to end ahead of The Book of Boba Fett‘s premiere in December. It’s going to be a busy fourth quarter ahead of us.

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