‘Knives Out’ Director Already Started Work on ‘Glass Onion’ Sequel

glass onion sequel

After a long wait and $450M+ investment by Netflix, the first sequel to Knives Out has finally been released on the streaming platform. Glass Onion offers another exciting murder mystery starring Daniel Craig as the lovable detective Benoit Blanc. This time around, he finds himself stuck on a Greek island where things slowly start to unravel over an unlikely gathering of friends.

Glass Onion has just been released on the platform and while it didn’t blow away any expectations with its viewership numbers, the film did have a strong short run in theaters showcasing the power of this franchise. Luckily for director Rian Johnson, Netflix is already all-in for a sequel and it looks like he already started work on it.

So much of what I’m trying to do, because I’m starting to write the next one, is really just about trying to clear my head and think about what’s on my mind right now. Hopefully that translates in some way to what’s on all of our minds right now in terms of culture.

Rian Johnson

Speaking of “terms of culture,” he was asked if he would tackle something inspired by Elon Musk‘s chaotic management of Twitter but he jokingly points out that he already technically made that film. It’ll also be interesting to see what cast he once again gets together, as the film was not only jam-packed with a talented cast of characters but also had various cameos sprinkled throughout in supporting or minor roles. Whatever he has in store

Source: Wired

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