Latest ‘Batgirl’ Set Photo Features a Nod to ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Maxie Zeus Episode

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Batman: The Animated Series is undoubtedly a pivotal and iconic part of Batman’s adaptation history. The series has provided some character best stories and introduced many to his extensive mythology. Its influence and relevance have never seemed to dwindle, as it continues to get referenced in films, series, and comics to this day. Some recent photos from the set of Batgirl in Glasgow feature a subtle nod to one particular episode, in particular, featuring one of Batman’s more obscure rogues known as Maxie Zeus.

we get a look at some more posters from the set with one, in particular, catching the eye of Batman: The Animated Series fans. The pink and black posters feature the name of a band known as “Fire From Olympus” the title of the 63rd episode from the series’ first season.

The episode featured the origin of Maxie Zeus, a shipping magnate who believed that he was the reincarnation of the Greek god Zeus. Maxie’s company was in charge of shipping a powerful lightning weapon known as the Electronic Discharge Cannon for the government, but Maxie took the weapon for his own personal use after completely falling for his god complex.

The poster features a silhouette of a man in a suit with horns surrounded by fire, which could be a nod to Hades, even if he isn’t typically depicted with devil-like features. In the episode, Zeus claims that his brother Hades will be arriving any minute and must be ready. Batman arrives and Zeus embraces him, believing him to be his brother. Even if it seems unlikely Zeus has a role in the story, it’s great just how many small details and Easter eggs are getting added to the backdrop alone.

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