New ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos Offer Some Interesting Easter Eggs and Potential Villain

News on Batgirl has been quite plentiful lately as Glasgow has once again been transformed into Gotham City. As the crew prepares to begin filming, more and more Easter eggs have been spotted by some eagle-eyed fans, including images that hint at appearances from Hugo Strange, Robin, and even Black Canary. Now, more photos (sent to us by @thegeeksreview) from the set have made their way online and seem to tease some inspiration from Batgirl: Year One and a reference many diehard DC Fans will love.

Today’s look at the Glasgow set have revealed what looks to be construction on a restaurant named “Bressi.” For those unfamiliar, Bressi is the last name of an infamous Gotham City, Tony, who was an antagonist of Barbara’s in Batgirl: Year One. In the comic, Bressi is introduced following Batgirl putting a beating on DC villain Killer Moth, who was attempting to kidnap Bruce Wayne. Moth attempts to sell his services as a bodyguard to Bressi, who laughs in his face because he was beaten by a girl.

Also spotted in the area was a new billboard that serves as a fun nod to a coffee brand seen in multiple mediums of DC Comics: Sundollar Coffee, their universe equivalent of Starbucks. The billboard features a smiling coffee cup alongside the logo and the brand slogan of “The Best Money Can Buy”.

Batgirl is shaping up to be something really exciting and seems to be greatly inspired by Batgirl: Year One; if you haven’t yet, now is the time to read up in preparation. The film is expected to release sometime late this year.

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