Latest ‘Hawkeye’ Teaser Offers First Look at Yelena Belova

hawkeye yelena belova

It looks like the latest teaser for the Disney+ series Hawkeye has given us our first look at Yelena Belova. It’s only a very brief scene, but see someone wearing goggles that might remind many of Sam Fisher from Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Yet, if we take a look at the comics, it’s quite similar to the design that Yelena wore when she was an Adaptoid. As we know she is a confirmed return, the six eyes on her visor seem like the dead giveaway that it is Florence Pugh‘s character from the Black Widow film.

It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but the marketing team knows exactly what they are doing with this tease, especially as it’ll confuse casual moviegoers but grab comic fans attention given the details included in this design.

Going by Kate Bishop’s reaction, this might also be the moment that Belova joins the party and ends up hunting down an unsuspecting Clint Barton. It’ll be interesting to see how this conflict unravels and if she might become an ally once she realizes the story she was fed wasn’t true. There’s still the quesiton on why she is here in the first place, as Val put a bounty on Clint’s head, who already is having enough trouble juggling the emotional guilt. So, a new Black Widow coming in to take him on might not bode well for the archer.

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