Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offers First Look at Black Panthers Comic-Inspired Outfits

avengers black panther outfit

After a brief hiatus, Marvel’s Avengers came back with a vengeance. The latest developer stream featured Crystal Dynamic’s Lead Character Artist. He gave us some insight into all the work that goes into creating these characters, which you can watch lie alongside some showcase of the details made to bring the Vibranium weave to life.



Let’s take a closer look at the various new comic-inspired costumes that were featured in the game. They started with a costume that initially showed up in a trailer for a few seconds. The Most Dangerous Man outfit was inspired by Kasper Cole’s time as the character, who was a New York police officer. He stole the costume without having any abilities. The artist pointed out that the toughest part was to make the long cape work due to how specific their engine’s physics work.



The next outfit is Black Panther in his king uniform. Yes, it is an actual playable skin in the game and not just used for cutscenes. What stands out is that T’Challa always has rings on his hands that he can use as claws to fight. It’s a Crystal Dynamics original design, but it takes inspiration from the character’s many iterations.



The next design is strongly inspired by Jack Kirby‘s original design from 1966. CD confirmed that they included the skin after seeing everyone’s excitement for him having a cape. They also teased that you’ll get a good look at every detail while using photo mode in the game.




Last but not least, the Strategist outfit is inspired by the 2010 run Black Panther: Man Without Fear. In it, T’Challa lost the abilities of the heart-shaped herb and still protected New York City during Daredevil’s absence. This version of the outfit includes many pockets to utilize the different tools while lacking his usual abilities.



The showcase of Black Panther in action also confirmed that he will not use a spear in action, but his claws. When the initial reveal of Christopher Judge in the role featured mainly pictures of him wielding a spear as a weapon. The heavy attack animation also showcases a special purple animation that showcases his attacks.



We’ll get a closer look at the costumes in a blog next week, alongside the first emotes. A Wakanda Forever emote was teased by the developers. We also can expect more outfits and even gameplay through their Social Media in the coming weeks as we near his August 17th release.

Source: Twitch via Twitter

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