Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Offers Glimpse of Game’s First Raid

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A lot of the excitement for Marvel’s Avengers upcoming update surrounds the addition of Spider-Man for PlayStation players. Yet, there’s also the massive addition of the game’s first attempt at a Raid. We’ve had teases that we’ll get to face off against the sound version of Ulysses Klaw one last time. While we got some concept art teasing the game, the latest Crystal Dynamics developer stream offered a clearer picture of what we can expect from this massive mission.

So, the mission is split into two types, as confirmed during the announcement. You’ll have a regular and an Elite version. The latter is accessible once you hit the higher cap of your character’s Power Level. To access it, grinding gear is essential, as you no longer need resources but can use your gear to upgrade others. It’s part of the new system that is quite a promising change to make the endgame worth replaying. They also highlighted that the Elite version is not just a harder version of the original, but things are going to get mixed up in a way that it feels like a different experience.

Now, the dev stream also offered us some insight into one part of the game’s mission, which is going to be the longest piece of content in the game. It continues where the War for Wakanda storyline left off as Klaw got away and the Vibranium continues to spread. So, you’ll be quite busy coordinating with your teammates, as one room forces the team to coordinate. Some of the new gear items also help push co-op, as you’ll be able to share boosts from perks through the new Sonic Conduit. So, you can be a sender or receiver of bonuses, which is the first step to pushing team-based builds that are essential for the Elite version of the game’s raid.

They also highlighted that the game’s supporting cast will play a role in this mission. So, you’ll be in one room where Shuri is trying to help you keep the corruption from spreading. CD teased that you’ll have to think quickly on who takes care of what tasks, such as one player having to take care of something while the others defend Shuri. They also teased that there might be some fun magical elements in the game.

Now, the biggest highlight will be the fight against Klaw. In the initial operation, he teased his giant form but shrunk down for a more manageable fight. So, there was some concern we might have a similar situation. Luckily, Crystal Dynamics confirmed that you will face him in his giant sound form and we might even see him unleash his anger throughout the mission. There was a tease that it might be a few smaller confrontations (alongside some mini-bosses) before you take him face on.

There’s a lot happening with this Raid and it’s quite promising what has been teased so far. The potential of having Klaw looming over you, as you try to get through the various missions and seeing the Vibranium spread sounds like a promising concept to turn into such a massive mission. One of the lead developers highlighted that their goal was always to build towards these big Avengers-level threats, as they also want to get to a point where you have to face off against a Kree Sentry like from the first campaign. Here’s hoping they can make that a reality soon.

Source: Twitch

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