Latest ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Dev Stream Revealed Red Room Takeover Start Date and Black Widow’s MCU Skin

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Marvel’s Avengers has gone through quite the week, as various of their MCU skins have leaked online. We also had our first event with the Tachyon Anomalies, so we’ve been anxiously awaiting some information on the upcoming Red Room Takeover. Luckily, we got an official look and some more details in the latest developer stream by Crystal Dynamics.

  • Of course, we got some details on the development of some bugs. Priority Mission rewards have been fixed and the next patch will fix the missing Black Widow Outrider glasses. The Kate Bishop nameplate has also been replaced.
  • It looks like we are getting the Red Room early, as it will consist of two parts. The first one will kick off next week on May 6th and is titled Sky Protocols. The second part will release later in May but no date has been given. It will include brand new mission chains, animated nameplates, and Black Widow will be a recommended character. The actual HARM room takeover will be n the second part.
  • We will get a new set of Red Room-inspired outfits for all our heroes.  They also revealed Black Widow’s MCU skin officially that’ll be adapted from Avengers: Endgame. It’ll be made available next week alongside the Red Room’s first part.



  • Crystal Dynamics has hinted that further details on post-Level 50 progressions will follow in the upcoming weeks. They will give us insight even before they finish their development on it, and they might even tease some new skins potentially.
  • Omega-Level Threats continue to be in good shape. They are working on balancing and some minor bugs on the Labs OLT. They’ve teased some curious additions to the bosses that may add some new complexity in the future.
  • Patrol Mode might get a spotlight in the future, where they also want to talk bout future additions. So, we can expect them to grow as time goes on.

The MCU skin certainly looks like it got plucked directly out of the film. I am surprised that the next event is happening so soon after the last one ended. We’ve seen a lot of new additions, and active communication has been evolving with each stream. They are offering further details and are actively offering some insight into ongoing developments. Patrol Mode especially has been highlighted quite a bit. So, it could be a positive sign for it to release earlier than initially expected.


Source: Twitch

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