‘Ms. Marvel’: Set Photos Reveal First Look at Iman Vellani in Full Costume

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We’ve been waiting a long time for our first look at Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel in full-costume. In one of the first set photos, we got her in a Halloween costume inspired by Captain Marvel. Well, the set photos have finally found their way online, as Just Jared has shared our first official look at the actress in full Ms. Marvel gear on the set of the Disney+ show.

As we aren’t allowed to share these images, you can check out the images directly on Just Jared.

It is our best look yet at the iconic costume and it also seems to strongly match the drawings from one of the directors. Yet, there is one detail that is quite different. She isn’t wearing a purple scarf but the red one we know from her comic. perhaps this takes place after she meets Red Dagger and receives it from him.

Overall, the costume looks quite a bit more modern. So, we might see a homemade one at one point in the series. Even in the Marvel’s Avengers game, her first costume design was based on a burkini. So, it might develop as she grows into her powers. We don’t know yet how they will portray her Embiggen abilities and if they might explain how her costume doesn’t rip when she grows in size. We cannot wait until we get more footage, as we got a brief glimpse at the series in a small sizzle reel during Disney’s Investors Day.

Source: Just Jared

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