Latest ‘Ms. Marvel’ Concept Art Reveals a Cut Sequence, Teases a Noor Temple

ms marvel cut

Ms. Marvel has hinted throughout its entire season about a new dimension that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Similar to how Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings revealed that a small pocket universe houses a bunch of mythological beings of Chinese mythology. The Disney+ show teased that there exists a crystalline world simply called the Noor Dimension. We only get a brief tease and a small gateway that comes with a heavy price.

Yet, a new piece of artwork seemingly teases what the Noor Dimension might’ve looked like. While not confirmed, the crystalline and purple designs do seemingly hint at what may have been the dimension or a gateway into that world. Artist Emmanuel Shiu shares some beautiful art pieces that even hint at Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel herself, finding her way into this temple.

It really is a shame that they skipped this sequence, especially with how visually stunning it looks. Plus, if there was one thing the series sadly didn’t focus on enough, it would be the Noor Dimension and the Clandestine. While interesting early on, they rushed through their story and ended up getting sidelined by the end.

There’s a chance that Kamran, and the still unexplained awakening of his abilities, could potentially lead to whatever the future has in store. They have seemingly set up their future exploration, especially with the surprising union between him and Red Daggers. Given their purpose, it could open up a lot of possibilities in exploring how it all connects.

Source: Twitter

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