‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ To Be Adapted By Hulu as a Film

Mortal men are, once more, attempting the unthinkable by adapting an Alan Moore project into a live-action feature. This time, it’s a reboot of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the film that not only made Moore swear off from ever signing off on adaptations of his work but also the film that ended Sean Connery‘s esteemed career. The unfortunate mortal tasked with helming this project is Justin Haythe, who penned the acclaimed film Revolutionary Road several years back. Hulu is the studio behind this reboot and the plan is for it to be a feature instead of a series.

For the uninitiated, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a pulp comic that sees literature’s most famous characters get together to fight global conspiracies. The 2003 film barely resembled Moore and artist Kevin O’Neill’s wildly complex world and it’s a tall order for this feature to live up to the comic. As faithful as Zack Snyder‘s adaptation of Watchmen was, even that film failed to capture the nuances and thematics of Moore’s writing. The least this film can do is not be as bad as the 2003 version.

Source: THR

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