Leaked Promo Art Offers First Look at Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk

she hulk leak

While the Disney+ special on Marvel Studios’ 2022 line-up hid our first look at Tatiana Maslany as the titular She-Hulk, it seems that the wait is finally over. promotional art for merchandise has leaked online with our first full look at the actress’ look with her green skin. She also is wearing the outfit that was teased in the 2022 showcase which is strongly inspired by her iconic look from the comics.

That is not all, as even more feature some familiar costume designs from recent comic storylines and even a classic half-face design that was often used in comics to show the duality of these characters.

She looks great, but it’s strange to think they were hiding her face if she mainly just looks like Maslany. There’s a chance that they haven’t finished the effects work at that point, especially with the series potentially not releasing until later this year. Still, the fact that merchandise has already leaked online means that the project is definitely going to find its way to Disney+ sometime this year.

She-Hulk has a lot of potentials, as it not only gives us a Hulk-centric storyline but also lets us explore his relationship with his cousin. Seeing the curse of the Green Goliath from a different perspective has an interesting charm. She’s more than just someone lost to rage but even has the ability to break the fourth wall, which has been hinted at as part of the series. Here’s hoping we get a tease for the project in the upcoming months.

Source: Twitter

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