‘The Batman’ Passes $300M Worldwide Ahead of China Release

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Matt Reeves and Peter Craig’s latest film is making quite the bank even as most expected its three-hour runtime and darker take might get in the way. Still, here we are talking about The Batman having already passed $300M after earning an additional $11.77M on a Tuesday. It only dropped 1% from Monday, which further highlights the incredible staying power of the DC film. For a comparison point, as Forbes points out, it had a stronger hold from Sunday to Monday than Alice in Wonderland, Logan, Captain Marvel, and more.

What is playing right into The Batman‘s hand is that there aren’t any major releases until May. Right now, the expectations of the second weekend are similar to most with it being around 60%, but we’ll see if word-of-mouth boosts the film after all. Still, going from a pandemic standpoint the film is already competing with most major releases of the year and is very likely to pass Dune and Eternals at this rate.

Will the film pass a billion? That’s the big question, as it is performing quite well internationally. The biggest advantage the film has lies in its confirmed release in China. The 45-day release window for digital might hurt it, however, as China is also infamous for piracy. It is releasing ahead of its digital availability, but there’s still some time before that happens that it’s available in Chinese theaters. For now, it seems likely the film will pass $400M by this weekend.

Source: Forbes

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