‘Letterkenny’ and ‘Shoresy’ are Proof Jared Keeso is a Huge Talent on the Small Screen

Letterkenny and Shoresy actor, Jared Keeso, has helped to craft two of the best shows on the small screen.

When it comes to the small screen, it is very hard to stand out. This is partly because there’s so much to watch on television thanks to primetime channels as well as the streaming channels that continue to try to build their own lineup of originals. Due to an overwhelming amount of shows, it isn’t entirely surprising that some shows struggle to gain the viewership necessary to keep them on air. They seem to die off just as quickly as they appear. This, however, was not the case with Letterkenny.

A series that, honestly, could have easily got lost in the mix somehow struck gold and became a huge hit – so much so that Hulu picked up the streaming rights to it in 2019. Since then, the series has continually seen its popularity grow, quickly becoming one of Hulu’s most popular titles. Which is why it isn’t entirely surprising that both Crave TV and Hulu moved ahead with the spinoff series, Shoresy.

The success of Letterkenny – which has 10 seasons available for your enjoyment – almost felt like an overnight success, even though it wasn’t. It’s rare for a series to take off like Letterkenny did, and it is something most shows would kill for in this day and age. So, what exactly makes Letterkenny – and Shoresy – so great? There’s one man who deserves a hell of a lot of the credit and that’s leading man Jared Keeso.

In 2013, Keeso did a YouTube short with his friend Nathan Dales, aka Daryl, and K. Trevor Wilson, aka Squirrely Dan. The short was titled Letterkenny Problems and was co-written by Keeso and Jordan Beirnes. It wasn’t until 2015 that Letterkenny Problems would become a television series, though, with a name change after Crave commissioned the series. After it debuted in 2016, the series quickly became a hit and cemented its place as one of the internet’s favorite shows.

Prior to Letterkenny and Shoresy, Keeso mainly made his career as a background actor with small roles in shows like Supernatural, Smallville, and Caprica. On the film side, he’d had small roles in films such as I Love You, Beth Cooper and Elysium. Letterkenny, though, proved that Keeso is capable of being a leading man. More importantly, though, it showed off more than his acting capabilities – it proved he was able to write well-crafted stories. This is something that is even more notable with Shoresy. Keeso wonderfully crafts a spinoff series that somehow feels unique and original, despite having originated from another show.

While Littlekenny was a bit of a misfire, both Letterkenny and Shoresy prove that Keeso is able to deliver entertaining content that captivates audiences. The comedy aspects are great, but it’s more than that; under all of the humor, both Letterkenny and Shoresy also do a great job at character development — something we perhaps best see with the Skids and the hockey players. If Keeso can successfully deliver stories about these characters, it’s hard not to think about what other types of stories he’d be able to successfully tell if given the chance.

At a time when television seems to have too much to offer, with very little of it being of merit, it’s important to note shows and creators that are providing quality content. Keeso is not just a leading man, but also a quality writer who has successfully launched two well-received series. “Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er.”

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