‘Loki’s Kate Herron Interested in Tackling Netflix’s ‘Bioshock’ Adaptation

bioshock kate herron

Just earlier today, we found out that the long-awaited Bioshock adaptation is finally moving forward as Netflix was the lucky winner to get its hands on the iconic gaming IP. Sadly, the project currently has no writers or directors attached to the project, but it looks like one director is quite interested in the project. In a tweet reaction o the new post by Netflix Geeked, Loki showrunner Kate Heron has thrown her hat into the ring to take on the project.

Given her hand in creating the iconic atmosphere and world of the Time Variance Authority, she’s definitely someone to keep an eye out in the industry right now. As she isn’t returning for the second season of Loki, this would make for a great next project of hers to tackle. The Bioshock adaptation is planned as a film, but there’s also a lot of chance to build multiple projects around it, such as a spinoff series that further explores whatever world they decide to tackle with this project.

It would be interesting to see how exactly they tackle this adaptation, as there is no necessary need to revisit pre-existing environments. Whoever ends up getting their hand on the project could create their own adaptation, but only require to ensure there’s always a man and a lighthouse. That way, it also isn’t shackled by the expectations of tackling the first game or Infinite. We’ll have to wait and see what heads our way.

Source: Twitter

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