Maggie Q Eyed for Key Role in HBO Max ‘PEACEMAKER’ Series

With production on Peacemaker rapidly approaching, slated to being production early next year if all goes to plan. Peacemaker is set to act as a prequel to the upcoming film The Suicide Squad and focus on the character of Peacemaker with John Cena set to reprise the role. Recently casting breakdowns have made their way out and have teased the inclusions of other Charlton characters such as JudoMaster and Sarge Steele, two characters who were included in the purchase of Charlton when DC eventually bought out the company in the mid-’80s. Now it seems that another character from Charlton could be on her way to the DCEU.

Recently it was reported that actress Maggie Q was being eyed for a role in Peacemaker and could quite possibly be playing that of Detective Vivian Song, Described as a “tough and witty detective” and set in a recurring role in the series. Now at first this is much to go on and is honestly just a stretch but I think some dots may have been connected with some previous breakdown details. With Sarge Steele, another detective character from the comics and a previous leader at the CBI or The Central Bureau of Intelligence. Now based on speculation and what we’ve seen, it’s quite possible that Detective Vivian Song could be a version of the Charlton comics character Eve Eden, aka Nightshade. Nightshade has worked with Sarge Steele in the past under the CBI and it’s even possible that the two could be working together on the show as detectives, and Gunn has been no stranger to tweaking characters to help them better fit within a story.

Seeing Gunn pull from what seems like C-list characters is not something that would shock anyone either, someone who reinvented the Guardians of The Galaxy and made them all household names would have no problem picking up some lesser-known heroes and making them work. Peacemaker currently has no set release date but is set to release exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service, the show is written and produced by James Gunn with him even sitting in the director’s chair for a few episodes.


SOURCE: Illuminerdi

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