Martin Freeman Confirms ‘Secret Invasion’ Appearance

secret invasion martin freeman

Some time ago, Secret Invasion leading star Samuel L. Jackson hinted that a few familiar faces will make their appearance in the upcoming Disney+ series. We haven’t heard much about who is joining the project and what roles they might have. Among them was the confirmation that Martin Freeman, who first appeared in Captain America: Civil War and went on to have a bigger role in Black Panther, would appear.

Now, the actor has actually just flat out confirmed his involvement in an interview with Radio Times. Naturally, he doesn’t give away any details or what exact role he’ll have in the project but it’s great to have a definite in regards to him being involved with the project.

Yeah – I think that’s kosher information, isn’t it? In order not to embarrass Samuel, I will say… I’m not gonna say he’s got that totally wrong and he’s thinking of Sam Rockwell. So yes, I may very well be [appearing].

Martin Freeman

His addition is interesting and does hint that either the CIA is working with Nick Fury or potentially even hunting him down. The Department of Damage Control seemingly is aware that he’s off-planet, which opens up just how involved he is with the government after the events of Winter Soldier led to him remaining on the run. Perhaps the upcoming series will answer that very question and offer some insight into what he’s been up to all this time.

Source: Radio Times

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