Daniela Melchior Teases “Epic” ‘Fast X’ With New BTS Video

fast x set

the latest entry in The Fast Saga has been going through quite the rough patch after director Justin Lin left production just as it was getting started. Rumors had pointed to what was the cause, especially with internal strife in regards to its main star Vin Diesel, but they swiftly added Louis Leterrier to pick up the pieces.

We haven’t heard much since on how the project is progressing, but things have seemingly died down quite a bit. That was until actress Daniela Melchior took to Twitter to share a video from the ongoing production. It doesn’t show much outside of a shot of her driving, as she jokingly points out she can’t really share more but wanted to let everyone know that “Fast X is gonna be EPIC.”

It’s great to see that production has not slowed down since Leterrier joined the production, as there were hints that every day without a director costs the production teams millions. It’ll be interesting to see how much pressure will be on the film to pull at the box office, especially as Lin was originally also going to direct its sequel and final entry in The Fast Saga.

Melchior has been swiftly making her mark in Hollywood after a kickstart with her work on The Suicide Squad. Joining a franchise as big as The Fast Saga was that extra push she needed and we’ll likely see a lot more of her in the future. It’ll be interesting to see what role she has in Fast X and if she might also return for the sequel as well.

Source: Twitter

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