Marvel Backtracks on ‘Daredevil’s MCU Connection with Latest Update


Just earlier today, we’ve reported that Marvel’s official website has added a new section called “On Screen Full Report” which details a character’s story from any adaptation. In the case of Matt Murdock’s Daredevil, everyone noticed that not only did it explore the Netflix series’ storyline for Charlie Cox‘s take on the character, but even referenced that his return in Spider-Man: No Way Home took place “sometime later” after the events of Daredevil‘s Season 3. Now, the site has been updated and the MCU connection has been completely removed.

Orginally, the section had a reference to his time after Mysterio had Peter Parker’s identity outed and setting up his future return. It was swiftly followed by the mention of him, Karen and Foggy reforming their original law firm. Now, while that later bit is still included they’ve completely removed the Spider-Man: No Way Home section altogether. On the left you’ll see the original version while on the right the one missing the entire section on his time in the MCU.

It’s unclear what exactly has lead to them choosing to delete it once again, but the update and removing the MCU reference is definitely suspicious. It’s unclear why they’d change it right after publishing it, but the fact that the topic is making the rounds and the team behind it would like to avoid anyone making the connection. We’ll likely have to wait until Murdock’s return in a future project to get a better grasp on what story elements remain from the Netflix series, especially now that it has been added to Disney+.

Source: Marvel

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