Marvel Studios ‘Black Widow’ to Release Early in UK Cinemas

black widow early release uk

It’s hard to believe that Black Widow will finally release n just a little under a month. Well, it looks like some Marvel fans might get their hands on the first MCU film of Phase 4 a little early. Marvel UK just took to Twitter to announce that we can expect the film a few days early on July 7th if you live in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Now, this does not include the Disney+ release via Premier Access but only in theater chains. It is uncertain if this will roll out across Europe, or if this might be exclusively in the UK.

There is a good chance we might see some advanced screenings around the world, as it is part of Disney’s promise to support cinemas. While there have been hints at shorter theatrical windows by Disney CEO Bob Chapek, they have been openly discussing their wish to keep the medium alive in its original intent. As such, there is also a good chance that Black Widow might be the last Premier Access release we see as of 2021.

Of course, the pandemic’s effects on cinema won’t go away overnight so it might be a slow process returning to the Box Office numbers we remember from 2019, but the fact that future Marvel Studios projects like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as Eternals, are eyeing pure theatrical releases is a good sign. Here’s hoping we get the news for other countries follows suit to make sure the world finally gets to see the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to cinemas.

Source: Twitter, Business Insider

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