Marvel Studios Finds its Composer for ‘Secret Invasion’

secret invasion

We’re already about to see Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but we know tiny bout what exactly is happening on the Disney+ side of things. There have been a few teases of projects getting postponed and we still have no release date for Secret Invasion; Marvel Studios’ return to exploring the more grounded, spy-centered aspect of its franchise.

While we still wait for a new trailer and release date, it seems we got at least a minor update for the show created by Mr. Robot‘s Kyle Bradstreet. According to the always reliable Film Music Reporter, Kris Bowers has joined the project as its composer. He’s worked on quite a variety of projects ranging from Dear White People. the popular Bridgerton series, Green Book, and even Space Jam: A New Legacy. So, he definitely has an interesting variety of projects on his back but may have the opportunity to work on many others similar to how Michael Giacchino became quite a favorite.

The first tease we got for Secret Invasion hinted at a very grounded take on the original, which is likely to upset some hoping to see a bunch of Skrull-replaced Avengers. Still, the story does lend itself to Marvel Studios to attempt their own take on what Andor accomplished. Plus, if you get someone as talented as Bradstreet to direct a series for you, you’ll be sure to give him as much freedom to make it work and play with your head throughout.

Source: Film Music Reporter

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