5 Asian Superheroes We’d Like to See in ‘Shang-Chi 2’

We look at five Asian superheroes we’d love to see included in the untitled sequel to ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.’

A new rumor made the shocking claim that the as-yet untitled sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will introduce a new wave of Asian superheroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With so many options from which to choose, we thought we’d narrow it down a bit. Here are 5 Asian heroes from the pages of Marvel Comics that we’d like to see in the Shang-Chi sequel.

Amadeus Cho

The time might finally be right for Amadeus Cho to make his entrance into the MCU. His mother, Helen, appeared in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, and fans of Amadeus have been waiting for him to follow her since. The current “present day” of the MCU seems to have moved as far along as 2026 and the Shang-Chi sequel is at least a couple of years away, which could provide enough time for Helen to have had Amadeus, and his twin sister Maddy, and for them to have aged up to 12 or so by the time the film hits theaters. That’s not too far off from the age the characters were when they first appeared in the comics and assuming there isn’t another time jump coming that we don’t know about yet.

Why would Marvel Studios introduce a pre-teen/teen hero into the MCU? Other than the fact that he’s one of the 10 smartest people in the world (he was listed as the 7th smartest when he first appeared) and is essentially a walking hypercomputer and a brilliant strategist. If, as the new rumor also suggests, time travel is involved, Cho would be uniquely positioned to help the heroes quickly calculate when and where they need to be.

Additionally, the time is right for Cho to make his debut because it seems the MCU is setting the stage for a pair of stories that Cho was part of in the comics. The rumored World War Hulk project could include Cho as he played a big role in it in the comics. Cho also developed a close relationship with Hercules, who was recently introduced into the MCU. It’s certainly not “now or never” for Cho but now is as good of a time as any.

Lin Lie

Shang-Chi introduced the quasi-mystical dimension of Ta Lo to the MCU and, with it, the idea that there is a rich and hidden history of magic, both good and evil, that could be explored down the line. Other dimensions and hidden cities like Ta Lo exist and so too do other ancient evils like the Dweller in Darkness. The MCU is also starting to find itself populated with mysterious and powerful artifacts that when wielded by the right person are capable of incredible things. If Marvel Studios wanted to add another character to their roster of heroes that checks off a couple of those boxes, Lin Lie should be near the top of their list.

Lin is the descendant of Fu Xi, a legendary Chinese hero who created a powerful sword which held defeat and imprison the God of War, Chiyou, and his demon horde. Lin inherited the sword in modern day just as Chiyou’s spirit was released from it’s prison. Lin took on the name Sword Master for a time before becoming the Immortal Weapon known as the Iron Fist.

Lin Lie has always felt like a character who was designed with an MCU future in mind. The Sword of Fu Xi could join the Ten Rings and the bangle of Kamala Khan as artifacts of ancient and alien origin that seem to be a major part of the coming battle against Kang. Additionally, the Shang-Chi sequel, like its predecessor, is rumored to feature some mystical, magical madness. It wouldn’t be a stretch for the film to take another trip back in time and introduce another ancient evil…and who knows, maybe a Kang Variant played a role in the forging of Sword Master’s sword.

Mr. Lao

If you hadn’t caught on yet, the inclusion of Mr. Lao probably gives away the team we’re hoping is assembled in Shang-Chi 2: the Agents of Atlas.

The Atlas Foundation fits nicely into the Multiverse Saga and into a time travel film because of its ancient origins. In fact, the MCU origins of Atlas Foundation could easily be reconned to have connections to a Kang Variant. Either way, the Foundation’s long history with advanced weapons and mysticism could make them a formidable ally in the fight against Kang.

Mr. Lao, a human who was transformed into a Lung Dragon, could serve nicely as the expository device for the Atlas Foundation’s long history while recruiting Shang-Chi and the other heroes to his cause as Agents of Atlas.


A relatively new hero from the pages of Marvel Comics, the Filipino hero Pearl Pangan would give the team an elemental powerhouse. Pearl gained the power of hydrokinesis after a run of the mill Marvel science accident. As the hero Wave, she stood tall as an Agent of Atlas during Malekith’s invasion of Earth in the War of the Realms event.

The addition of Wave to the roster would not only give the team a truly superpowered member but also introduce the MCU’s first Filipino superhero.

White Fox

The South Korean superhero Ami Han is about as good of a fit as anyone for the world of mysticism first seen in Shang -Chi. Han is a member of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service and of their superhuman response team, Tiger Division.

A formidable hand-to-hand combatant and high-level intelligence agent, Ham would serve the team with those skills alone. However, it’s her identity as a shape shifting Kumiho and the rare power set that comes with it that ties into the mystical world of Ta Lo and other like it.

Kumiho are the nine-tailed foxes of legend who seduce and kill mortal men. Han is the last known Kumiho in existence in the comics. Han’s mesmerism and energy absorption would provide the Agents of Atlas unrivaled powers against their potential foes.

After being introduced in 2006, the Agents of Atlas were reconfigured in the comics recently as a collective of heroes from across Asia. If Shang-Chi 2 is truly looking to add more Asian heroes (and it wouldn’t take inside information to imagine it might), the new version of the Agents of Atlas is a ready-made solution. While we only chose 5, there are plenty of other options, including others who serve as agents of the Atlas Foundation in the comics already. And of course, should Shang-Chi 2 be introducing the time, Randall Park‘s Jimmy Woo should get his time to shine as the rightful khan of the organization.

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