Marvel Studios May Have Plans for Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher Beyond ‘WHAT IF…?’

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We have previously seen hints that characters in What If…? might appear in future live-action projects in the MCU. With the many alternate universes on show, it makes sense that some of them might cross into other films and TV series we watch. The standout is Jeffrey Wright‘s chilling performance as the Watcher. A formless entity constantly hanging over the many stories of the animated series.

Yet, the recent episode pulled him into action as he got confronted by Doctor Strange. So, we’ll see how long he will hold to his rule to never interact in the happenings of the multiverse, as his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains open. In an interview with The GOAT Movie Podcast, Head Writer AC Bradley hints that Marvel Studios may have future plans for the character while playing coy on the topic.

I’m not fully aware or able to discuss what Marvel might be doing with the character of The Watcher in the future.

AC Bradley

While she’s not fully aware, her leaving the door open by stating she can’t discuss matters on the Watcher’s future does hint that some discussions might have taken place at some point. The end of Loki broke open the multiverse meaning we’re likely to see a lot more crossover characters from other universes soon. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems like it might be the kind of event that includes characters we’re familiar with in new guises. It will be exciting if any of these characters make their live-action debut having seen them previously in the animated series!

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