Marvel Studios President Had One Request for ‘Ms. Marvel’s Mutant Reveal

ms marvel mutant

Ms. Marvel may have changed the game for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it was the first instance that the mutants were introduced into the mainline timeline. While we still don’t know when we can expect some more familiar faces, we did get a rather familiar tune to accompany the reveal. As it turns out, this was an idea that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had when they discussed how to reveal it.

According to Bisha K. Ali, the series creator, it was Feige’s idea to include the music element to highlight that she is a mutant. She also shared her excitement to further explore the character’s future and be part of this new X-Men era

Well, to begin with, it was the last thing we read. So that was a best-kept secret. Nobody knew about it until we read the last version of the script and all of a sudden it was like, damn. And then we would ask producers about it and we would not get any answers. Then Kevin Feige said: Just shoot this, put the little music on, and that’s it. We can only hope that we be part of the future of “Ms. Marvel” because it would be super nice to have some “X-Men” flavor in there.

Bisha K. Ali

While some have called it “milking” the 90s nostalgia, there’s a genius aspect to the musical cue given that not only is a reboot on the horizon, but it also gives the franchise an audio cue. If they are interested in introducing the Inhumans and other super-powered characters, the mutant element is given an easy indicator for the audience to instantly make the connection.

Source: The Wrap

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