New ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ BTS Images Offer Closer Look at Bastet

black panther bastet

We were all quite excited for the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder, as it would expand our understanding of godhood in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While our visit to Omnipotence City was relatively brief, it did feature a host of interesting characters scattered throughout a sequence.

Now, the most significant addition was that we could briefly see what looks to be Bastet in the foreground. While she sadly didn’t receive any lines, a new batch of behind-the-scenes photos shared by Luca Vannella offers the best look yet at her design from the film, which highlights her Egyptian background.

It’s still bizarre they’d include such a monumental character of Balck Panther’s mythology and not even explore it in the story. We got a few short moments, and there’s some great inclusion of New Zealand deities, but we sadly didn’t quite get to explore the other pantheons throughout, even if Moon Knight already had us covered there.

Perhaps they are setting up some more exploration of godhood that will be forced to get involved once a certain Conqueror potentially gets his way. We’re still in the set-up phase and there is a lot to be excited about. So, we’ll see where it’s all heading with SDCC heading our way starting today.

Source: Twitter

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