Marvel Studios President Reveals Why Thor is the MCU’s First Fourth Parter

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Thor will be the first Marvel Studios franchise to get the fourth installment treatment with Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi is back in the directing chair, who took over with Thor: Ragnarok. He took the franchise in a completely new direction; focusing more on Chris Hemsworth‘s comedic chops. In the official press conference for the upcoming Marvel film, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed why Hemsworth‘s Thor is the first to get four entries.

I think they respond to Chris Hemsworth, and I think they respond to everything that he can do. And Taika certainly brought another dimension that was always there within Chris.  There were moments, even going back to EPK interviews between the two of them on our New Mexico set, where Chris was…  I was like, “Is he trying to be funny?  Or is it…?  No, he is being funny.  He’s, like, hilarious.”  And beginning to…  And I saw a clip of Ultron the other day, where he’s trying to make Ruffalo feel better about smashing a bunch of people, and it’s so funny. 

Kevin Feige

Age of Ultron definitely set up Thor’s future in a more comedic role, even The Dark World; faults and all; had some hilarious moments when the Odinson brothers interacted. So, it was luckily Taika Waititi that approached Marvel and told them to make use of Hemsworth‘s comedic chops.

And it’s so…  it’s like this expert timing.  And Taika was like, “What are you guys doing with him just, you know, holding a hammer up with lightning?  Let’s do that and tap into everything Chris can do.” So, I think the audience responds to that.  And for so long, we said, “Well, he’s a Norse god.  How do we make him relatable?”  And spent so much time, I think, making sure that the audience connected with him, that they are so with him now that yes, we could go to a part four.

Kevin Feige

They certainly put in the work and it’s great to see Chris Hemsworth enjoy his time with the character. He especially was happy for the new direction with the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, who’ll definitely set up a new dynamic. Plus, we also have the already comedic-focused Guardians of the Galaxy joining this time around, who are definitely going to add some unique flair and comedy bits. Early reactions definitely teased Waititi‘s comedic chops are at a new high and it’ll definitely be interesting to see if there might even be a fifth installment in his future.

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