Marvel Studios’ ‘Wonder Man’ Series May Be Currently Planned as a Hollywood Satire

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The news has just dropped that Shang-Chi director Daniel Destin Cretton is joining forces with Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Andrew Guest to adapt Wonder Man as a Disney+ series. It’s part of the overall deal he has made with Marvel Studios, and it turns out that there’s one more detail that was kept out of the initial brief. As Simon Williams, the man who would become Wonder Man is an actor, and Variety’s Joe Otterson has pointed out that the series may be planned as a Hollywood satire.

He does highlight that he can’t 100% confirm if that is the direction they are going. Marvel Studios is no stranger to adapting along the way and with it in its early stages, a lot can change once cameras start rolling, which is seemingly already planned for 2023. So, they may have most of the base scripts already mapped out and are putting their team together.

The question remains if Nathan Fillion will be the one to once again give the character a chance. Though, they may use this opportunity to recast and nab someone younger for the role. They have many angles to take, as an older actor could showcase a “trying to get back the glory days” storyline or go with a younger actor struggling to find his footing. Wonder Man offers a great variety of stories and it’ll be interesting to see which direction they take it.

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