‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Leak Teases Moon Knight and Namor

We are only a few days away from Kate finally releasing. Marvel’s Avengers is still in a bit of a dry spell, so this will hopefully change once our first major addition to the game arrives early next week. Now, data miner @mmmmmmmmiller has started to leak a few snippets that build-up to the release. On the first day, we got a voice clip that will be from our first villain addition, AIM’s Super Adaptoid. Today’s leak is the one that caught my eye, as it seems we’ll be seeing many more iconic items from Marvel history getting added as major artifacts in the future.

So, there are many references hidden here. There is a tease of Hank Pym’s Portal Device, which will come into play during Kate’s DLC. The Lifeline Tablet is an artifact that has its origin in Atlantis, which confirms that Namor and the Atlanteans do exist in this universe. Vishanti Appendix could be connected to the trio of supernatural gods of the same name, who worked alongside Doctor Strange in the comics. The odd one out is the Talisman of Spectacle, which was supposedly part of Avengers‘ 5 Gum promotion.

The Ancient Winter reference might be familiar to those that watched Thor. It even gets referenced in the data files in the game as well. Not just that, we also get the Staff of Khonshu, which means the developers might have Moon Knight in the pipeline at some point. Of course, the inclusion of the artifacts does not confirm he’ll make an appearance anytime soon, but it means he is on Crystal Dynamics list for some time in the future. If they time it right, they could promote the character’s addition once Marvel Studios’ Disney+ series nears its release.

Source: Twitter

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