‘Moon Knight’ Beats Out ‘Hawkeye’s Overall Viewership on Disney+

moon knight viewership

There have been some curious statements in the past in regards to Moon Knight‘s overall viewership on Disney+. As SambaTV has not released the numbers for the final episode, many took this as a showcase that the show didn’t quite end on a high note. Yet, Nielsen ratings have revealed that Moon Knight managed to pull in its best viewing in its finale, which is a showcase of how different streaming services develop in comparison to traditional TV.

The six-episode series took in 715 million minutes from May 2nd to 8th which was the week of its finale. It grew from 681 million in its previous week, and the only small dip it faced was in its fourth week, otherwise, the show has continued to grow in viewership over its six-episode run. Normally, linear TV sees a recurring decrease in viewership over its total run, which may be due to long season formats and ongoing breaks in-between.

In total, the series pulled in 3.7 billion minutes watched, which puts it between Hawkeye (3.46B) and The Falcon and Winter Soldier (4.15B). The show managed to take in the third spot and beat out competition like Prime Video’s new Outer Range, Bullsh*t: The Game Show, and more. Netflix’s Ozark however was the champion that week. Outer Range took in the fourth spot but was a fair bit behind with 425M viewers, but not a bad performance.

Moon Knight‘s numbers aren’t something to just scoff at given that the character is the first newly introduced member of the MCU family with little to no connections to the rest. So, it beating out Hawkeye, which already posted some strong numbers is no small feat. The Mandalorian and Loki remain the strongest performers on the app, but we also don’t know if there are other success factors that haven’t been taken into account yet. Still, it seems Marvel Studios is still quite successful with what they produced so far.

Source: THR

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