‘Moon Knight’ Designer Teases What Could Be Jake Lockley’s Suit

jake lockley suit

Moon Knight may have given us the most unique designs of any superhero costume. The main costume worn by Marc Spector has strong ties to its Egyptian roots with mummy-inspired wrappings. Even Mr. Knight has a different take as while it’s a suit, it has additional detailing that adds some additional flair. While we did meet the third personality of Jake Lockley in the post-credit sequence, we never got to see what suit he might wear. According to designer Meghan Kasperlik in an interview with The Direct, they never got around to designing one.

Luckily, she does highlight that she’d probably explore the black variant of the costume. The character has a surprising amount of designs, and as we saw in the finale, the different personalities can instantly switch between their costume. So, it wouldn’t be surprising that he has his own version and with the darker direction for this character, it would make sense that he’d have a black variant to showcase what he stands for.

I think that I would make it darker. I would make it probably the black one, the black costume that’s in the comics. I would definitely start there. This is nothing that they’ve ever done, this is just me. Those suits are so amazing, and you just never know. But there was nothing that was ever, ever done.

Meghan Kasperlik

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until we get a look at whatever costume he might end up getting, especially as this is just what Kaserplik would do if she got a chance to design his costume. He might even be the one to wild a scythe, as each costume came with a unique weapon. There are also multiple variants with a black color as they tended to be a bit more modern in design. Here’s hoping that Marvel studios announce their future plans for the character soon and we won’t have to wait too long to finally get a good look at what his design might be.

Source: The Direct

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