‘Moon Knight’ Episode 2 Primer

As someone who has never read the Moon Knight comics, I found the first episode to be puzzling. For people who are familiar with the comics, the character’s history of multiple personalities is something they bring into the show with them; I was finding out about his personalities as I was watching the show, and they didn’t always make it very clear about what is going on. By the time the episode was over. I was still confused as to which character is which, but the scene of Moon Knight standing over the jackal had me looking forward to more.

As puzzling as Steven Grant The Gift Shop Worker’s story is, Arthur Harrow’s story is very clear. He makes it very clear that he wants to free Ammut, the Egyptian goddess of the underworld, from imprisonment. Harrow’s desire has brought him into conflict with Grant, who happens to have a scarab that will help Arthur achieve his goal. Grant, as it turns out, serves as the avatar of another Egyptian god, Khonshu. As the episode draws to a close, Steven finds out that he is sharing a body with Mark, who seems pretty familiar with Khonshu. Mark convinces Steven to let him take control and then becomes Moon Knight, The Fist Of Khonshu.

It wasn’t until the bathroom scene that I really understood what had been happening through the course of the episode. I finally understood that when Steven would have his blackouts, Mark was coming out and helping him at dangerous times. Moving forward, it’s clear that Steven shares his consciousness with at least one other person, who seems to know a whole lot more about Harrow and this scarab.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

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In this next episode I think that Steven is going to have to figure out what is happening and he is going to form a relationship with Mark. There is one other person he is going to have to come to know: Layla. Steven and Mark will have to become better friends in this episode in order to figure out just what’s up with Khonshu and how they can stop Harrow.

The next episode will stream tomorrow!

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