‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3 Primer

Episode 2 really helped us get a better understanding of who Steven and Marc are. We learn that Marc is a mercenary who was killed and resurrected by Khonshu. As Steven learned more about Marc and how they are sharing a body, the two began to work together a little better. The episode also provides an opportunity to get to know more about what Arthur wanted. Arthur tells Marc that he used to be Khonshu’s avatar, but now he’s chosen to work for Ammut and dish out her brand of preemptive justice rather than Khonshu’s more traditional punishments. And so much of this episode dives deep down into Arthur’s plan of freeing Ammut, which involves the scarab that is a compass to her tomb.

Steven had a problem with the idea of punishing people before they commit their crimes which causes a huge fight leading up to a pretty cool reveal: Steven and Marc can each summon their own, different suits. Steven wears the “Mr. Knight” suit while Marc wears the traditional Moon Knight “armor” suit. We also learned way more about Layla, who used to be married to Marc and knows about the suit, but doesn’t know about Steven. When she first meets up with Steven, she thinks that it is just a cover for Marc.

Arlyn’s Assumptions

Moon Knight Still Offers New Look at Mr. Knight | CBR

At the end of episode 2, Marc ended up in Egypt. Marc’s goal is to find the tomb of Ammut before Harrow has the chance. This is obviously going to cause an issue and they will most likely end up fighting. I feel like there will be more issues because Steven is not okay with being the man in the mirror, meaning they will most likely be fighting for control the whole time. There will also be a conflict between Marc and Layla, seeing that Marc just up and left her and never reached out.

The next episode streams tomorrow!

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