‘Morbius’ Teaser References Spider-Man Villains Rhino and Black Cat

morbius spiderman

When the pandemic hit, Sony was forced to push back most of its upcoming slate. Spider-Man spinoff Morbius was originally going to release in July 2020 but now won’t open until January. Even Venom: Let There Be Carnage was fast-tracked to an October release while the vampire storyline was pushed back further. After a long bit of silence, the film got its first teaser in a long-time. While it’s not the real first trailer for its upcoming January release, it did feature a few glimpses at what the film has to offer. the biggest reveal comes in a brief moment of the Daily Bugle, which is similar to that used in the Sam Raimi films, that has headlines featuring classic Spider-Man villains Rhino and Black Cat.

The interesting aspect of their mentions in this news headline would confirm that they are active in this universe. The timeline on how exactly Sony’s films fit into the MCU’s version of the character has been quite muddled. The first trailer included Michael Keaton‘s Vulture but had Raimi’s Spider-Man costume on a wall with “murderer” plastered across it. So, it technically means Dr. Morbius’ story takes place in the same universe and someone just had a different costume used for the graffiti.

Yet, we got introduced to an Info Wars-inspired version of the Daily Bugle in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which wouldn’t have a printed format. Plus, the logo is reused from Raimi’s version as mentioned previously. So, Sony’s lack of consistency has been adding more confusion on if this will actually connect or if they are building their own franchise. Plus, we never meet Black Cat or Rhino in the main universe. So, this might also take place at some point in the future where they got established over time.

Source: Twitter

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