‘Ms. Marvel’ Casting Four More Supporting Characters Including Sheikh Abdullah

Looks like the upcoming Disney+ show Ms. Marvel is still getting its supporting cast together. We are still anxiously waiting for the reveal of the main character’s casting. Still, Kamala Khan has such an extensive cast of supporting characters that it will help flesh out the world of our young hero. Not many of the Avengers we’ve met so far have to deal with family drama. In addition, her religious background will play a key factor in her character and growth. As such, it isn’t surprising that one of the best characters from the comics will appear, Sheikh Abdullah, according to a new report from The Direct.

SHEIKH, Male, 50 – 70s, Middle Eastern, he’s the Sheikh at the local Mosque. Warm, kind, and understanding, he’s always there to lend an ear. 4/6 eps

He will most likely have the same role as in the comics. Kamala will most likely confide in him regularly throughout the show’s runtime. It is interesting that his episode count isn’t determined, as they may film additional sequences in case they need to shift it around.

Of course, we have three more characters that will support Kamala in her journey. There is the mention of a character known as Auntie Ruby. In the comics, Kamala has an aunt named Ayesha but the character is cast to be between 50 – 70. As such, it could be that she is just another person from her mosque or a family friend that Kamala talks to about her problems. There are also the characters Fariha and Aadam included, who are both to be from Sudanese backgrounds and in their 30s. These may also be family friends, especially with Aadam being described as comedic, funny, and smart. Hopefully, this is getting us closer to the official casting of our heroine, as the show is about to enter production soon.

Source: The Direct

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